At our center, UFE has been successfully performed by our team in patients with fibroids or adenomyosis coming from Turkey or abroad since 2005. If you live outside Antalya and want to be evaluated for UFE, first you must fill in the "UFE consultation form" at our website. This form will be thoroughly examined by our team and then, you will be informed by phone or e-mail about your treatment options, advantages and disadvantages of these options and whether or not you are a good candidate for UFE. During this talk, you can ask any question on your disease and treatment possibilities.

If you are considered suitable for UFE and want to be treated with this technique, you must get an appointment for the treatment. It will be more comfortable for you if you choose a treatment day not during your mensturation, although this is not an obligation. One day before UFE, you will be given intravenous medications at our center. Therefore, if you live out of Antalya, you must make your travel arrangements to be here one day before UFE.

On the day of embolization, you must be at the hospital where UFE will be performed early in the morning. If you do not have an MRI previously, we will first examine you with MRI, evaluate your images and tell you immediately whether or not, according to the MRI results, you are suitable for UFE treatment. If you are found suitable (which is the case in more than 95% of our patients) we will perform UFE. If you are not found suitable, we will inform you on other treatment options.

UFE will be performed in the angio suite under local anesthesia and sedation, and will be completed in about one hour. After the procedure, you will be observed for several hours and then taken to your room. You will spend the first day mostly in the bed and receive some medications against the pain and nausea that may occur after UFE. On the second day, you can stand up, walk, eat normally and take a shower. We recommend that you stay in the hospital at least one day, if you live in Antalya, or two days, if you live out of Antalya. When you leave the hospital, we will prescribe some pills and give you some information about what will happen after UFE. If you like, you can return your home city by plane or by car (driven by a different person). We do not recommend a long bus travel after UFE. If you live in a different country, you can fly home 2 days after UFE.

After UFE, you will return to normal activities in 2-10 days. During this time, if you have any problems, you can reach our team by phone any time and get information. We ask all our patients to repeat their "contrast-enhanced pelvic MRI" examinations about 6 months after UFE. As stated earlier, we will compare the results of both MRIs (before and after UFE) and inform you about the success of the treatment. If you like, you can get the second MRI taken in your home city and send us the report and CD. In that case, we will compare the MRIs and inform you about the results by phone. Or, preferably, you can come to Antalya and get your follow-up MRI done in the same hospital. In that case, we will immediately evaluate the MRI results and inform you about the success of the UFE by talking face to face.

We wish you a healthy life.